Happy Presidents' Day! Today, we honor the visionary leaders who have shaped our nation's history and inspired generations of learners. As educational leaders, let's celebrate this day by reflecting on the values of leadership, integrity, and service embodied by past presidents.
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Happy Valentine's Day to all the incredible educational leaders out there! Thank you for shaping the minds and hearts of our future generations! #NDCEL #valentinesday
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Today is your last day to get gear from the Mid-Winter Conference. Make sure to pick some up as it is the only time of the year you can get gear from your respective affiliate! Find both NDAESP and NDASSP team shops here: https://www.ndcel.us/page/team-shop
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Today is the final day to register online for NDASA Mid-Winter Conference. So, if you are not registered yet click the link below: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/ndasa2024?tmpl=component#!/ Note you can still register on-site for the conference, this is just the last day to do it online.
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Being able to communicate when the stakes and emotions are high is critical. Join us for Crucial Conversations in Bottineau, ND on April 16-17 to gain these communication skills! Registration, information, and more dates are here: https://www.ndcel.us/o/ndcel/page/crucial-conversations
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Time is winding down to get registered for Mid-Winter Conferences, so so here if you have not yet. NDASA: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/ndasa2024?tmpl=component#!/ NDAESP/NDASSP: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/allprincipals2024?tmpl=component#!/ Also, check out the conference schedules on the NDCEL website!
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NDFEL scholarships went live today! Check out the four different opportunities here to see if you qualify to apply! https://www.ndcel.us/page/scholarships
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Happy New Year from NDCEL, hope everyone has a fulfilling year and strives for excellence in their school year! #NDCEL
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Winter officially starts today, but warm clothes can still be postponed due to how nice the weather has been! Happy Holidays! #NDCEL
2 months ago, NDCEL
Sponsorship opportunities are filling up for Mid-Winter Conferences! Make sure to sign up before they are all taken! Register here: https://www.ndcel.us/o/ndcel/page/2024-mid-winter-exhibiting-and-sponsorships
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Mid-Winter Conferences are getting closer, so make sure to get registered! NDASA - Superintendents Link: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/ndasa2024?tmpl=component#!/ NDAESP/NDASSP - Principals Link: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/allprincipals2024?tmpl=component#!/
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A reminder that the call for proposals for the Mid-Winter Conferences are open! If you would like to present at any of these events, please submit a proposal below before December 8th: NDASA - Superintendents Conference: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/proposals-ndasa2024 NDAESP/NDASSP – All Principals Conference: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/proposals-esp-ssp2024
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Mid-Winter Conference registrations are open. Get signed up with the following links! NDASA - Superintendents: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/ndasa2024?tmpl=component#!/ NDAESP/NDASSP - All Principals https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/allprincipals2024?tmpl=component#!/
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Grateful for cherished moments, delicious feasts, and loved ones. May your day be filled with joy, laughter, and a heart full of thanks. Wishing you a harvest of happiness and abundance! #NDCEL
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Happy Universal Children's Day! This day aims to emphasize the status of children globally and underscore the significance of advocating for their overall well-being, which North Dakota educators are continually striving to do!
3 months ago, NDCEL
Thank you to all veterans for your service! #veteransday #NDCEL
3 months ago, NDCEL
Happy S.T.E.M. Day to all admin, tech. directors, and teachers. Make sure to encourage kids to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math. #NDCEL
3 months ago, NDCEL
Happy Halloween! Hope you leaders have a fun day at your schools! #NDCEL
4 months ago, NDCEL
The 2023 NDCEL Fall Conference is here! We are excited to see you all tomorrow! For more information and the schedule look here: https://www.ndcel.us/o/ndcel/page/2023-ndcelfall-conference #NDCEL
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Fall Conference is 1 week away! If you haven't already make sure to register! Register Here: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/fall2023?tmpl=component#!/ #NDCEL
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