Happy National Coffee Day! Make sure to get yourself a nice warm cup! #NDCEL #nationalcoffeeday
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Good neighbors make great neighborhoods. Make connections and invitations, stay aware, and be available to your neighbors. Happy National Good Neighbor Day! #NDCEL
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Fall has officially started! Time to enjoy cooler weather, crisp autumn air, and a cup of coffee. Reminder to register for Fall Conference as well: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/fall2023?tmpl=component#!/
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Registration for Crucial Conversations and Instructional Leadership is now live! Registration Link: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/cc2324?tmpl=component#!/ #NDCEL
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Innovation Academy is ready to kick off on November 1st. Collaborate, solve, and innovate with your fellow peers! Registration link here: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/innovation2324?tmpl=component#!/
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LAST CALL! Get registered for Superintendent Mastery Round Table and Principal Boot Camp. Superintendents Registration: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/suptbootcamp2023?tmpl=component#!/ Principals Registration: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/principals2023?tmpl=component#!/
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Happy Labor Day, Educators! Your hard work and dedication are shaping the future. Enjoy a well-deserved break!
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Join us for a full-day AI training! Learn how AI can improve your leadership and make your job easier! Register Here: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/ai2023?tmpl=component#!/ #NDCEL
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Make sure you get signed up for Fall Conference before the price increase hits September 1st. Register Here: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/fall2023?tmpl=component#!/ #NDCEL
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A reminder that Boot Camp and Round Table are about 2 weeks away! If you have not signed up yet here are the registration links: Superintendent Round Table: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/suptbootcamp2023?tmpl=component#!/ Principal Boot Camp: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/principals2023?tmpl=component#!/ #NDCEL
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A reminder that we are still giving away 2 more $50 gift cards, so get those registrations done! Here are the registration links: Membership Renewal: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/2324membership?tmpl=component#!/ Fall Conference: https://www.ndcel.us/o/ndcel/page/2023-fall-conference-directory-page Principal Boot Camp: https://www.ndcel.us/o/ndcel/page/principal-bootcamp Superintendent Mastery Round Table: https://www.ndcel.us/o/ndcel/page/superintendent-bootcamp
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Do you want to learn and stay ahead in the education landscape by mastering AI integration? Register for What is AI and How Can It Make You a Better Leader! Limited to 100 attendees. Date: September 20th Location: Mandan Eagles, Mandan, ND Price: $225 Register here: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/ai2023?tmpl=component#!/
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Why did the clock get sent to the principal's office? It wouldn't stop tocking! Happy National Tell a Joke Day! Spread a little joy by sharing your favorite joke with someone. #NDCEL
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REGISTER NOW for the 2023 Fall Conference! Click the link here to register: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/fall2023?tmpl=component#!/
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Do you have a topic of interest to share with North Dakota Education Leaders? Submit a proposal for a breakout session at NDCEL's Fall Conference. Here is the link to the form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/fallproposals2023 #NDCEL
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ATTENTION! Due to low registration numbers for our Superintendent Bootcamp next week, we are moving the date to Tuesday, September 12th. If you are already registered you do not need to re-register, we will honor the original registration. If you have a hotel room, you WILL need to update your hotel reservation.
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One week until Superintendent Mastery Round Table! Don't miss this opportunity to connect with educational leaders, attend insightful sessions, and share best practices. Register now: https://ndcel.memberclicks.net/suptbootcamp2023?tmpl=component#!/
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Happy International Day of Friendship! Today, we celebrate the beauty of bonds that transcend borders, cultures, and backgrounds! Friendship knows no boundaries, and it's a powerful force that unites us all. Let's take a moment to cherish and honor those amazing individuals who make our lives brighter and more meaningful. #NDCEL #internationaldayoffriendship
2 months ago, NDCEL
Best of luck to Lindsey and her husband as they take the next step in their lives! Lindsey and her husband are moving to Germany and will both be working as missionaries! Thank you Lindsey for your hard work at NDCEL the past couple of years. You will be missed dearly! #NDCEL
2 months ago, NDCEL
Coming to speak at NDCEL's 2023 Fall Conference is Mark Scharenbroich an award-winning education speaker and filmmaker. Mark has earned both an Emmy award and has been inducted into the National Speakers prestigious Hall of Fame. Fall Conference runs from October 18-20th. #NDCEL
2 months ago, NDCEL