• Academic All State Team


    Sponsored by the ND Association of Secondary School Principals

    The purpose is to recognize, especially in the media, students who have excelled in academics.



    1. The high school principal submitting the application must be a member of NDASSP.


    2. The senior student must submit the application to the principal by January 25th.


    3. The application will consider:

         A. Selection

               (1) GPA

               (2) Compute score on the highest of the following:

                     (a) ACT

                     (b) SAT


         B.   Personal Information:

               (1) Family members

               (2) Leadership activities

               (3) College/career plans


         C.   Statements to be considered in case of a tie: (50 words or less):

                (1) Why are academics important?

                (2) What are your goals?

                (3) Why are you academically successful?


    4. Each school will select its nominee(s) and send the application to the NDASSP (NDCEL) office. Applications must be received in the NDCEL office no later than January 31st.


         Each school will be allowed one nominee for every 50 seniors based on the following scale:

                                             Senior Class Enrollment      Nominees Allowed

                                                    0-50                                         1

                                                    51-100                                     2

                                                    101-150                                   3

                                                    151-200                                   4

                                                    201-250                                   5


    After the allotted number of nominees has been reached, the Principal may choose to nominate additional students that have earned a minimum of 30 on the ACT composite. (Board Action 6-13-2018) 


    5.  Applications will be reviewed and selections will be made by the Contest Committee:
         A. The top 10 based on the highest point totals to receive Gold Medals and be the First All-State Team.


         B.   The second 10 based on the second highest point totals to receive Silver Medals and be the Second All-State Team.


         C.   The third 10 based on the third highest point totals to receive Bronze Medals and be the Third All-State Team.


           D.    The size of teams may fluctuate. The committee reserves the right to do this based on information on the application and tie scores          of total points.


          E.   All school winners not selected in the top three (3) will be listed as All-State Honorable Mention.


    6.   By late February, principals will receive a sample news release that can be sent to local media for publication the first week of March. 


    7.   Class A Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners will be recognized at the State Class A Boys’/Girls’ Basketball Tournament and Class B Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners at the Class B Basketball Tournament.


    8.   Upon selection, recipients of the of the top 3 awards are asked to submit a photo (jpeg) via email to the NDASSP Office.   sammy.vanderwal@ndcel.org  





    Principals: follow the criteria listed on the application, obtain all required signatures, and meet deadlines. Any application not properly completed or received late will not be considered. 


    Contests & Awards Committee Chair

    Scott Ulland, Principal

    May-Port CG High School




    125 Slate Drive, Suite 7

    Bismarck, ND 58503