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    The 2015 NDIAAA Fall Workshop will be held on September 19, 20 & 21 at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Mandan. This workshop should be of interest to all. LTC 501, 502, 709, and 710A (see description on following pages) will be offered on Saturday as well as the “New AD Orientation”. There will be time for discussion and networking with athletic administrators across the state. We will have discussion “round tables” concerning issues in the area of Athletic Administration. Participants are asked to bring any items they would like to discuss during this time. Regional meetings will be held during the workshop. Peggy Stibbe will register the interested members for credit on Saturday for those fulfilling the requirements, which consist of taking at least one LTC course on Saturday and attending every session of the Fall Workshop on both Saturday & Sunday. She will also inform the membership concerning the continuing education opportunities as well as certification opportunities for all NDIAAA/NIAAA members throughout this school year. The highlight of the Fall Workshop will be presentation from Rachel Bruner-Kaufman, concerning legal issues. We will also have many other interesting topics presented. Please refer to the enclosed agenda for the complete list of topics to be discussed. We are encouraging all athletic administrators to attend this workshop and become actively involved in the NDIAAA.


    The NDIAAA is committed to providing professional growth opportunities to its membership. We do this through the NIAAA Leadership Training Program which can lead to NIAAA Certification as an athletic administrator. This program provides the opportunity to attain certification as an RAA, CAA or/and CMAA if you complete the course work and meet other criteria. By earning this certification, $1,000,000 of additional personal liability insurance will be available to you through the NIAAA at no charge. You may also have the opportunity for increased salary, depending on your school district policy. As of the spring of 2012, the NDIAAA/NIAAA workshops and conferences, if you take at least one LTI course and attend the workshop or conference, will qualify to count as a workshop as part of the administrative credential renewal process through DPI. For more information on the Leadership Training Program please contact Jim Roaldson or Peggy Stibbe.


    When completing the registration form, please pay special attention ‘gift ordering’ information as you will need to go to a website and order your gift. Very simple process!!


    We look forward to offering our membership an opportunity to network and grow professionally throughout this school year. We also set a new membership record in 2014-2015 as we had 156 members. Please join the organization that works for North Dakota athletic administrators, the NDIAAA/NIAAA.


    Thank you,

    Lorell Jungling

    Fall Workshop Coordinator



    Athletic Administrator            ______________________________________________

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    ________Registration fee & NDIAAA Membership $255.00

    ________Registration fee for Fall Workshop Only $130.00 – includes workshop materials, coffee/beverage/snack breaks, continental breakfasts, lunch, social (dinner) and gift.

    Fall Workshop Gift: Sport-Tek Heather Colorblock Contender Polo

    To Order: go to https://ndiaaafall2015.itemorder.com

    Deadline to order is Midnight, September 3_

    Leadership Training Courses (Times listed on Agenda on previous page)

     _________LTC 501($100.00) Philosophy, Leadership Organizations and Professional Programs

    _________LTC 502 ($100.00) Principles Strategies and Methods      

    _________LTC 709 ($100.00) Athletic Administration: Communications, Methods, and Applications for AD’s 

    _________LTC 710A($100.00) Athletic Administration: Current Issues in American Sports

                            (see next page for complete description of each LTC Course)

                            (see agenda for the time each course will be offered)

    **** NOTE: Just a reminder that if you are planning on taking your CAA test you will need LTC 501, 502, 504, & 506.


    If you plan to attend the Fall Workshop, then please fax, e-mail, or mail, your  registration to Lorell Jungling by September 3. This will allow us time to order the needed LTC materials. You can pay at the workshop when you register, if you fax or e-mail the registration.

     Fax to: Lorell Jungling, 701-751-6676


    * Accommodations: A block of rooms has been reserved for the NDIAAA Fall Workshop at the Seven Seas Inn & Convention Center. Please call 1-800-597-7327 and tell them you are with the NDIAAA and you will receive the special rate of $89.00 This rate will be honored for both Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20. Call as soon as possible, especially if you plan on staying both nights, as Saturday is filling up quickly.


    * Graduate Hour from : The NDIAAA is working with an institution that will provide the opportunity for workshop attendees to receive one graduate credit for $65. Course registration information will be distributed at the conference. Payment: at Fall Workshop check only and on-line with a credit card.

    Credit Requirement: Must attend one LTC course and the fall workshop.


    *Registration DeadlineSeptember 3

    Return to:        Lorell Jungling, Mandan High, 905 8th Ave. NW, Mandan, ND 58554

    Make checks payable to NDIAAA

    Direct Questions to Lorell Jungling at 701-751-6577




    Fall Workshop 2015

    Leadership Training Course Descriptions


    LTI 501 Athletic Administration: Philosophy, Leadership Organizations and Professional Programs

    The flagship course of Leadership Training serves as an overview of interscholastic athletic administration. This course introduces the philosophy of educational athletics then focuses on the roles of the NIAAA, the NFHS, the state Athletic/Activity Associations, and the State Athletic Administrator’s Associations. The course also previews the NIAAA Leadership Training and Certification Programs. It is a prerequisite for all levels of certification and includes study materials for the CAA certification Examination.

    Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: Athletic administrators seeking to learn more about educational athletics, national organizations, and those interested in pursuing the certification process. This course is a recommended prerequisite to all other LTP courses.


    LTI 502 Athletic Administration: Principles, Strategies and Methods

    This course takes a basic approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration and alerts and educates athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible solutions in areas such as budgets, transportation, and scheduling and parent/student/coach conflicts. The course also touches upon sample athletic/activity program philosophies, department organizational charts, activity procedures/checklist, public relations, coaching applications/assessments and emergency plans.

    Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: Inexperienced athletic administrators seeking to define and improve their operational procedures.

    Required for: RAA, CAA and CMAA Certification


    LTI 709 Athletic Administration: Communications, Methods, and Applications for Athletic Administrators

    This course examines relevant strategies and principles that can be used to enhance the skills of athletic administrators in communications. This course is focused on Communications concepts. Materials and strategies for the enhancement for communication skills are provided. Appendices provide relevant materials that support text materials and principles.


    LTI 710-A Athletic Administrations: Current Issues in American Sports

    (Dealing with Parents, Ath.Dir. Burnout, Ethics & Media Relations, Retaining Coaches, Technology). A panel of secondary level athletic administrators and outside experts will lead small-group discussions of important issues and effective response strategies for 3 topics of contemporary issues selected to be presented will be examined by using a moderator to guide the discussion and cover certain aspects of the topic. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in the discussion. The instructional format of the course will consist of lecture, seminar discussion and audience interaction. Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: Administrators seeking discussion of current issues and problem resolution strategies.