The following Core Beliefs are manifested in our policies and practices:

    About leaders . . .


    • Quality leadership is the key to quality schools.
    • Quality educational leaders . . .
      • are principled, moral, ethical, and caring
      • are visionary
      • build trust and are trustworthy
      •  are competent
      • are life-long learners
      • inspire followers
      • are positive role models
      • are catalysts for change
      • are people developers
      • make informed decisions
      • are effective communicators and teachers
      • are able to build and maintain teams
      • accept accountability for achievement
      • value diversity
      • deal successfully with ambiguity

    About developing people . . .


    • Everyone has talent which can be developed.
    • All people learn but not necessarily in the same way or at the same rate.
    • Managerial/leadership strengths and weaknesses can be identified.
    • The most effective way of developing people is to help them build on their strengths and better manage their weaknesses.
    •   Growth and development is most effective in an environment that is . . .
      • safe and invites experimentation and risk taking
      • professional
      • free from distractions
      • interesting and enjoyable
    • Everyone is deserving of dignity and respect.

    About the ND LEAD Center . . .


    • LEAD can make a positive difference in helping to improve education in North Dakota.
    • LEAD's behavior must model its beliefs.