• ESAND Member Dependent Scholarship




    One scholarship will be awarded.  The amount of the scholarship will be determined each year by the ESAND Steering Committee based on the funds available in the scholarship fund but not less than $100.00; in 2016 ESAND members approved to award one scholarship in the amount of $250.


    This is an undergraduate program scholarship for dependents of an active member as of the date of the application.  A dependent is defined as anyone qualified to be claimed under Internal Revenue tax guidelines.


    Scholarship application forms must be completed and postmarked by September 30 of each year.  
    Past recipients of the scholarship are ineligible for future scholarships.


    To qualify, the applicant must:

    1.   Be a dependent of an active ESAND member.


    2.   Be a graduating high school senior enrolling in an accredited college or university (minimum of twelve semester hours).   

          Be enrolled in an accredited college or university (minimum of twelve semester hours).


    3.   Complete the required application and provide:

          a.  Biographical information

          b.  Transcript (high school if graduating senior or equivalent, or transcript of work completed at college or university)

          c.  Statement of goals and financial need

          d.  Two (2) letters of recommendation


    Scholarship winners will be selected by the ESAND Steering Committee.  Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by October 31.


    After the grades are received, the scholarship stipend will be mailed to the college/university at which the recipient is enrolled.