• North Dakota Principal 360

    Background Information

    The North Dakota Principal 360 Assessment instrument is designed to help school principals and others in school leadership positions obtain performance feedback in order to promote professional growth. The system uses a process called 360 degree assessment. The advantage of this approach over traditional evaluation is that it includes feedback from a wide range of people who have regular contact with the principal/school leader, e.g., supervisor, other administrators in the district, the school professional staff and classified staff. This usually results in a more complete and accurate assessment because performance feedback is obtained from many different sources and many different perspectives. The process is enhanced because several different reports compare perceptions of the principal/school leader's self-assessment and those of others in the school and district.

    SEE A SAMPLE of the North Dakota Principal 360 instrument. Feel free to navigate through the instrument to get a better sense of the organization and content. The instrument is set for demonstration purposes only, so no results will be produced.

    SAMPLE REPORT  An example of the final report, which comes in a pdf format.



    The sample is intended to provide you with an idea of the kind of data you might gather. The survey can be customized to add, delete, or change any of the survey questions in the sample. 

    Service Charge

    $125 - Each individual assessed using the same questions and format in the sample instrument ($200 out-of-state)
    $50 - Additional setup charge per hour to customize the sample instrument

    A paper version of the instrument may be downloaded and used free of charge. Users are responsible for collecting and tabulating their own data when paper instruments are used.


    Contact the ND LEAD Center for more information or to secure authorization to use the online instrument.