1.     PRESIDER:  The NDASA President Elect, Rob Lech, will preside over the Representative Assembly. 
    2.     PRESENTATION OF POSITIONS:  The NDASA Executive Director Aimee Copas will present the positions and serve as a resource person for the Representative Assembly. 

    3.     MOTIONS & VOTING:  Each position will be presented by motion and will be voted up or down by the Representative Assembly. 

    4.     DELEGATE SEATING:  Only validated voting Delegates will sit in the designated Delegate Section.  Delegates must be members of the NDASA.

    5.     VOTING:  If a written ballot is needed, each region will be assigned a “captain” to collect and tally their vote on each position.  The captain will report the region vote to the dais for official recording. All other voting will be conducted by representatives raising their hands and the president and executive director tallying the votes. 

    7.     TESTIMONY: Testimony is limited to a maximum of four minutes for Delegates who have signed-up. Delegates who comment from the floor will be limited to one minute.  Undo repetition will be avoided. 

    8.     NEW POSITIONS:  Any new positions to be introduced must be given to the Executive Director by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6, 2014. 

    9.     NON-DELEGATES:  Any NDASA members may attend the Representative Assembly.  Members may sign-up to speak on the issues, but are limited to three minutes.