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    NDCEL Board of Directors Policy: E-mail Lists (Listserv) Acceptable Use


    The North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders will maintain an E-mail List (listserv) for the membership that will allow them to communicate with each other regarding a variety of issues.


    1.      Access to the NDCEL E-mail List requires that each subscriber be a member of the NDCEL.


    2.      The NDCEL reserves the right to accept or reject requests for access to the NDCEL E-mail List.


    3.      Subscribers are encouraged to use good judgement in their use of the NDCEL E-mail List.


    4.      Subscribers are expected to use the E-mail List in legal, ethical, professional, and appropriate ways.  Inappropriate activities include, but are not limited to:


    ·        Copyright violations

    ·        Slander

    ·        Intentional creation and distribution of computer viruses

    ·        Misrepresenting yourself as someone else to cover up illegal activity

    ·        Posting materials or messages that subject others to harassment or intimidation.


    5.      The misuse of the NDCEL E-mail List will result in a written warning.  Further infractions will result in a total loss of access to the E-mail List.


    6.      Enforcement of the policy may be initiated when a complaint is registered either with the Executive Director or any member of the NDCEL Board of Directors.