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    School Assessment Surveys

    Click on the titles below to see samples of the surveys. Feel free to navigate through the instrument to get a better sense of the organization and content. The instrument is set for demonstration purposes only, so no results will be produced.

    Transforming Concepts of a World-Class Organization (WCO) Survey : The concepts in this survey are commonalities for both private and public sector organizations that tend to produce excellent performance over time. Under each broad concept are specific practices that allow the concept to flourish.

    Quality Concepts (QC) Survey : Quality is a nebulous term that is hard to define but easy to recognize when it is practiced. This survey includes concepts and practices that reflect the level of quality present throughout all levels in any organization.

    Service Charge

    $50 - Each individual assessed using the same questions and format in the sample survey ($75 out-of-state)
    $50 - Additional setup charge per hour to customize the sample survey.

    Paper versions of each instrument are found in the Data, Standards, & Learning course materials and may be used free of charge. Users are responsible for collecting and tabulating their own data when paper instruments are used.

    Contact the ND LEAD Center to secure authorization to use any online instrument or for more information.