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    What kind of leader are you, a multiplier or diminisher, or an accidently diminisher?

    Diminishers include: 1) Empire builders who hoard and underutilize talent; 2) Tyrants who create anxiety and suppress thinking; 3) Know-it-alls who tell people what to do; 4) Decision makers who make isolated decisions; and 5) Micromanagers who take over, control.  What they get is less than half of people's capability!

    Multipliers include: 1) Talent magnets who attract and optimize talent; 2) Liberators who create intensity that requires best thinking; 3) Challengers who extend challenges; 4) Debate makers who debate before deciding; and 5) Investors who instill ownership and accountability. What they get is 2X capability from people!

    Accidental Diminisher includes three main types: Visionaries, Idea Guy, and Rescuers.  Each can lead with great intentions, but actually be reducing the efforts and expectations of those around them.

    This workshop is dedicated to developing social capital, one of the key change levers that Michael Fullan speaks about that we should use to lead in change efforts.  Charlotte Danielson recently lamented about the misuse of her effective teaching framework in the evaluation process, and wrote that it is professionals collaboration on learning effective strategies where the biggest changes take place.

    Participants will access their leadership style as multiplier, diminisher, or accidental diminisher and learn ways to strengthen their skills as a multiplier and reduce the tendencies to be a diminisher.

    COURSE FORMAT:  (Two Days)

    Day 1

    • Participants will complete a self-assessment to determine if they are a Multiplier, Diminisher, or Accidental Diminisher and learn strategies to increase their skills.
    • Participants will indentify and understand the five disciplines of being a multiplier.
    • Participants will review the concept that “Behaviors follow assumptions” and reflect on the differences between a Multiplier and a Diminisher’s assumptions.  Participants will identify their personal and school assumptions.
    • Participants will identify one aspect of the Multiplier Effect to complete an in-depth study to enhance their skills.
    • Participants will complete one Multiplier experiment that will help them personally enhance their skills.

    Day 2

    Culture of Collaboration  (Social Capital)  This day will utilize a variety of tools and activities that participants can use to develop a collaborate culture and multiply their leadership skills.

    • Why: Data on why collaboration
    • How: Vision Web Activity
    • How: TEAM Instrument
    • How: Readiness for Change Survey
    • How: Appreciative Inquiry Strength Based Change
    • How: Peer Observation Programs
    • How: Activities for staff
    • How: Teacher Teams by Dylan Wiliam can be used with Teacher Collaboration
    • How:  7 Ps Norms

    8:00 am – 5:00 pm each day


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    Registration Deadlines:
    $350 Registration Fee
    $50 Optional Graduate Credit Fee

    SUBSTITUTION POLICY: Substitutions may be made up to one week prior to the seminar by calling the ND LEAD Center (701-258-3022).

    CANCELLATION POLICY: To receive a refund, less a $50 processing fee, all cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to seminar. You will be charged the full registration fee if you cancel after that time or if you register and don’t attend the seminar.

    If you need lodging, a block of rooms is reserved under ND LEAD at the hotel site. Please make your own room reservation. The hotel releases rooms three weeks prior to the event.

    Participants may earn one semester hour of graduate credit by completing one of the courses.

    Registration is limited and accepted on a first-come basis. The registration fee includes training, resource materials, one meal per day, and refreshments. 

    Register for the Multiplier Workshop



    Register for Graduate Credit at the Workshop for One (1) Semester Hour.  Must attend both days